Scare Your Friends With Zombie Contacts

Scare Your Friends With Zombie Contacts

Transform yourself into the walking dead with a pair of creepy zombie contacts. These lenses are a great choice for Halloween or any zombie-themed fancy dress, and they will certainly freak out your friends, family and fellow partygoers! We have a huge selection of these lenses in different colours and styles to suit any zombie look. We have infection style lenses, which emulate the bloodshot, infected appearance of zombies, and we have a range of white zombie contacts, that are perfect for creating a ghostly stare or undead expression.

Zombie Contacts you are looking to add a gory touch, we have a selection of blood-splatter contacts, which look absolutely terrifying and are the perfect finishing touches for any zombie costume. And for a truly terrifying effect, we have sclera-style contacts which completely cover the eye and give you that classic zombie look of horror and death.

Spooky Season Style: Halloween Contact Lenses for Every Costume

To put these lenses in, first wash your hands with soap and dry them thoroughly, then use the index finger of your hand holding the lens to pull the upper eyelid upward and the middle finger of the same hand to pull the lower eyelid downward. Then gently place the lens in the centre of your eye. You may experience some itching or irritation whilst wearing these lenses, but these effects will only last for a short period of time. Make sure you always have a fresh supply of lens solution nearby, as this is an essential for ensuring your eyes remain safe and healthy.

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