Red Horn – The Man With Deer Lungs

Red horn is a strain that might help alleviate tension that builds after a busy day and potentially ease you into a deep sleep, sustained through the night. It might also sustain you into the morning, providing a full awakening that refreshes and rejuvenates.

One of the central figures in the Red Horn Panel, which combines the legends of the Hocak, Ioway and Osage, is the spirit who is known as the “man with deer lungs.” This is a figure found in the mythology of the Osage and the Ioway, as well as some other Central Siouan tribes. He is also associated with a star, Sirius.

Red Horn Kratom: Exploring the Characteristics and Effects of This Unique Strain

There are many incarnations of this spirit. In the story of the Ten Brothers, he is an ancestor of Kunu, the eldest brother, who was born with living deer lungs in each of his arms. He is a brother to the Herok’a, and he rules over these lilliputian archer spirits who have the peculiar ability to change themselves into the shape of infants.

This figure is also found on the petroglyphs of the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex. On these, he has a long arm with a curved arrow and is shown in a posture that suggests he is firing an arrow. He is also found on the Hawk Mound and other Mississippian artifacts.

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