How to Plan Project Playgrounds

A well-planned project playground fits into the community and provides a spot for kids to play. From the squeals of delight to broad smiles and a rush of excitement, it’s easy to see why a playground that’s been carefully planned is so popular with children.This link

The earliest phase of planning is to define the purpose of the playground and what you hope it will achieve. This determines what type of equipment and play events you include. The ages and needs of the potential playground users are also important factors in this stage. It is helpful to involve local children in the planning process. They view “fun and exciting” in a very different way than adults, and their ideas can be an invaluable source of inspiration.

The Importance of Play: Advocating for Project Playgrounds

You’ll also need to establish a budget for the project. This can be a daunting task and may require some creative thinking to find funds. It’s a good idea to get the local business community involved at this early stage as they can often provide financial support for the project.

Once the goal and funding are established, it’s time to start creating a site plan. Taking into account the number of children, age range and any disabilities or other unique needs is an important factor in this phase. It is also crucial to consider the location of the playground in relation to supervision points, the institutional context and if the site is within walking distance of neighborhoods or other meaningful destinations for families.

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