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The coronavirus pandemic has slowed auto development and production, but EVs remain on the menu. For 2024, dozens of pure electric models are scheduled to launch, along with a larger array of plug-in hybrids that can operate on electric power for extended periods before reverting to traditional gas power.

For Ithaca residents, our new electric cars for sale near me offer the chance to enjoy clean, quiet driving and a cutting-edge experience behind the wheel. They’re also a great way to save on fuel costs and require far less maintenance than traditional gasoline vehicles. With thousands of public charging stations and a point-of-sale rebate available to residents of New York State through Charge NY, it’s never been easier to make the switch.

Discovering the Latest: New Electric Cars for Sale Near Me

BMW’s X-badged all-electric SUVs feature the sixth generation of the company’s eDrive technology. Its lithium-ion battery pack is now more energy-dense, and a new 800-volt architecture increases DC fast-charging speeds to improve range for long drives. It’s offered in two configurations, a 428-hp Q6 E-Tron, and a more powerful 483-hp SQ6 E-Tron, with both offering all-wheel drive with the option to briefly boost output for rapid acceleration.

Another high-performance EV to watch for is the 2024 Volvo XC90 EV. This seven-passenger SUV boasts a large 111-kWh battery and offers up to 296 miles on a single charge. Its sleek exterior and elegant interior trim are designed to appeal to discerning consumers.

While the industry is racing toward used electric car sales (EVs), new models don’t come cheap, which has pushed shoppers on a budget toward used ones. There are more options than ever before in the used EV market.

In recent years, most used EVs on dealer lots have been large sedans or three-row sport utility vehicles like the Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf, but more affordable options are starting to pop up in the used market. There are now options for shoppers shopping at the under-$25K range, including a Porsche Taycan, Chevrolet Bolt, Hyundai Kona, and Nissan Leaf.

Navigating the Market: Used Electric Car Sale

As with any car purchase, it’s important to get a professional inspection before committing to buy an EV used. A good mechanic can evaluate the battery’s health by observing how quickly the vehicle loses power. For example, sustained cruising at highway speeds can drain batteries much faster than stop-and-go driving.

It’s also smart to check a prospective used EV’s original EPA-estimated range and compare it to the current average. As EV technology improves, the cost per mile for these cars tends to drop.

As a result, the best-value used EVs may be those that are still under warranty. EV manufacturers typically offer eight-year, 100,000-mile battery warranties that extend beyond the standard bumper-to-bumper coverage. While EVs usually require less maintenance than gas-powered cars, it’s still wise to monitor their service records for recalls and other concerns. Also, be aware that older EVs may not be compatible with the latest in smartphone integration or other software features.

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Whether your warsaw ford dealer needs routine maintenance or major repairs, our factory-trained and certified service team is by your side. They’re also always ready to help you obtain the genuine parts you need to keep your car, truck, or SUV on the road for miles to come.

Warsaw’s Wheels: Your Ultimate Guide to the Ford Dealer in Warsaw

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